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Please contact Fortis Alberta:
780-310-9473 (310-WIRE) or toll-free: 1-855-333-9473 (333-WIRE)

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New Services
West Wetaskiwin REA (WWREA)  owns the distribution system that services the rural area within the REA’s service area boundaries. For an overview of the WWREA service area, click on the link below.

The system is operated by FortisAlberta Inc. on behalf of West Wetaskiwin Rural Electrification Association Ltd. As the Distribution System Operator (DSO), FortisAlberta is responsible for ongoing maintenance and construction.

If you are planning on moving to and/or building and expanding within WWREA’s service boundary, your first connection should be FortisAlberta via phone – in Alberta: 310-WIRE (310-9473). In the role as DSO they will meet with you (whether you are a current member or new service) to review your requirements and provide a written quote.
Once you have reviewed and confirmed you are proceeding, you will then meet with WWREA. At that time you will be provided with a Service Contract and Vegetation Management Agreement for your signature and be assigned a contract number to officially make you an REA member. Additionally, your quote letter will be signed and authorized by the REA which provides FortisAlberta with the approval to proceed.

If there are any questions regarding the construction schedule or work, you would contact Fortis and if you have questions about the WWREA you may connect with us via phone: 1-780-335-9378 (WEST) or via email: