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    Announcing the West Wetaskiwin REA Scholarship Program

The Board of Directors of West Wetaskiwin REA is pleased to announce the launch of a Scholarship Program beginning this 2019 year. 

Annually, West Wetaskiwin REA will offer 2 (two) scholarships to children of members in the amount of $1000.00 each. 

The selection of scholarship recipients is open to students in either diploma or degree granting programs. The applicant must be entering their first year of post-secondary study in a designated program and be a high school graduate of the current, or at most, previous calendar year. 

Additional considerations for acceptance include the applicant’s community involvement, financial need and academic achievement. 

To download the application form, with instructions for necessary documentation required, click Scholarship Application Form

                  The deadline for applications is September 30, 2019.

Rehome a Tree.... an environmental sustainability program developed by West Wetaskiwin REA

There are many reasons for liking trees and equally as many ways that trees positively contribute to the environment. In rural Alberta we are very fortunate that coniferous trees tend to replicate themselves frequently, but regrettably many do that in the rural right of ways along range roads and township roads. This results in the necessity to trim or brush them and inevitably ends up with the tree dying. 

West Wetaskiwin REA would like to encourage members and their friends and family to ReHome a Tree and we want to let you know it is quite easy - click Rehome a Tree and Transplanting Tips

Online Account Access Instructions
 West Wetaskiwin REA members on the RRO can access their account online via our RRO provider’s - Battle River Power Coop - website. For West Wetaskiwin REA  members who would like online access, click here for step by step instructions.





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