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Changeover Billing Update

Some members may have noticed some increased consumption and/or date change in their last bill, resulting from the following influences. This was a one-time expanded billing cycle; the next invoice will fall back into the regular billing schedule/cycle.

  • With the changeover, the regular billing cycle (which is 30 days) was modified. The first bill issued after Battle River Power Coop became our Distribution System Operator reflected 8-10 days more than a normal period. Therefore the consumption on the last bill was greater than a normal 30-day period and your electricity and transmission charges incorporated the consumption during those additional days.
  • Another consideration for this time of year is that with shorter days, inevitably people have their lights on longer and the holiday season, with both indoor and outdoor lighting, annually translates into an increase in usage.

  • Studies also show that heating a Canadian home accounts for over 50% of average electricity use and inevitably you use more electricity in the winter months. Additionally, Alberta has experienced record breaking cold at the end of the year and into January translating to greater consumption. In fact, on December 27 while Jakutsk, Russia was the coldest place on earth, second, third, fourth and fifth place were locations in Alberta.

  • The cost of electricity has been steadily increasing; in fact, since June of 2021, the default RRO rate (that fluctuates monthly) has increased in excess of 50% ($0.07665 in June to $0.12500 in December).


​Site Identification Number Change

With Battle River Power Coop assuming our distribution system operations, all members were assigned new Site Identification (Site ID) numbers. If you are unsure of your new Site ID number, please use your legal land location.

Rehome a Tree.... an environmental sustainability program developed by West Wetaskiwin REA

West Wetaskiwin REA would like to encourage members and their friends and family to ReHome a Tree and we want to let you know it is quite easy - click Rehome a Tree and Transplanting Tips.





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