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Electricity Provision in the West Wetaskiwin REA Service Area

The following options are available to members of the West Wetaskiwin REA.

Regulated Rate Option (RRO): The RRO is a monthly default electricity rate automatically provided to all eligible customers who have not entered into a contract with a competitive retailer. It is important to understand that the RRO is not a ‘regulated’ rate rather it is reflective of the current price to purchase electricity and it may increase or decrease at will. Anyone who consumes less than 250,000 kilowatt hours per year is eligible for the RRO.

Contracts: If you wish to sign a contract you may contact the current electricity retailers serving our area and offering contracts. See below for a current list of electricity providers.

West Wetaskiwin REA encourages members who are considering electricity contracts to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions, as they are not consistent with every company. If you want additional information, contact the Utilities Consumer Advocate (toll-free: 310-4822 or

If you are not signed up with a retailer serving the West Wetaskiwin REA service area, then you automatically default to the RRO (Regulated Rate Option), which does fluctuate on a monthly basis.

Your electrical distribution system provider will always be the West Wetaskiwin REA, regardless of who supplies your electricity. Members will not be disadvantaged in any way based on their retailer choice. For a list of energy retailers, contact the Utilities Consumer Advocate: In Alberta, dial 310-4-UCA (310-4822) or

Electricity Providers Serving the West Wetaskiwin REA Membership*

Regulated Rate Provider:
Battle River Power Coop is the regulated rate supplier to West Wetaskiwin Rural Electrification Association Ltd. members.                                        

Regulated Rate Option (RRO) History                                        

December 2019    $0.06899/kWh

January 2020        $0.07100/kWh 

February 2020      $0.08306/kWh

March 2020          $0.06685/kWh

April 2020             $0.06362/kWh (adjusted) 

May 2020              $0.06316/kWh

June 2020             $0.06303/kWh

July 2020              $0.06946/kWh

August 2020         $0.07041/kWh

September 2020   $0.07830/kWh

October 2020        $0.06696/kWh

November 2020    $0.06595/kWh


Electricity Providers
The following retailers/electricity providers* provide retail energy services to West Wetaskiwin Rural Electrification Association Ltd. and are not affiliated with West Wetaskiwin REA.

  • Alta Gas Ltd.7
  • ATCO Energy Ltd
  • ATCO Energy Ltd. 1
  • Campus Energy Partners 
  • Direct Energy Partnership
  • ENMAX Energy Corporation
  • ENMAX Commercial Energy Marketing Inc.
  • Fluent Utilities Inc.
  • Hudson Energy Canada Corp.
  • Utility Network & Partners Inc.
  • Xoom Energy Canada ULC

*Note: This information is subject to change.


Complaints about contraventions of the West Wetaskiwin Code of Conduct Regulation may be made to the Alberta Utilities Commission or the Market Surveillance Administrator. The Alberta Utilities Commission can be reached via phone: 1-780-427- 4903 or email: The Market Surveillance Administrator can be reached via phone: 1-403-705-3181 or email:

The Alberta Utilities Commission and the Market Surveillance Administrator are independent of West Wetaskiwin Rural Electrification Association Ltd. and the regulated rate suppliers and affiliated providers. For a copy of the plan, please click West Wetaskiwin Code of Conduct Regulation.


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