Market Surveillance Administrator

The Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA) is an independent body created under the Electric Utilities Act to help ensure the fair, efficient and openly competitive operation of Alberta’s electricity markets. The Code of Conduct Regulation (Compliance Plan) governs aspects of the retail electricity market, including the conduct of owners of electric distribution systems and affiliated retailers and the conduct of a rural electrification association carrying out retailer functions for its members.

Complaints about contraventions of the Code of Conduct Regulation may be made to the Alberta Utilities Commission or the Market Surveillance Administrator. The Alberta Utilities Commission can be reached via phone: 1-780-427- 4903 or email: Market Surveillance Administrator can be reached via phone: 1-403-705-3181 or email: Alberta Utilities Commission and the Market Surveillance Administrator are independent of West Wetaskiwin Rural Electrification Association Ltd. and the regulated rate suppliers and affiliated providers. For a copy of the Code of Conduct Regulation Compliance Plan click the link below.

It is very important to note that your electrical distribution system provider will always be the West Wetaskiwin REA, regardless of who supplies your electricity. Members will not be disadvantaged in any way based on their retailer choice. For a list of energy retailers, contact the Utilities Consumer Advocate: In Alberta, dial 310-4-UCA (310-4822) or


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